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Multiplayer Rules

Krosmaster Arena can be played by 4 players instead of 2, either Free-for-All or 2 versus 2. Four player Rules are identical to the 2 player Rules, with exceptions noted below.
Each player plays with 2 Krosmaster.
Players determine the Initiative score of the Teams. The player with the highest total becomes player 1, and then the other players become players 2, 3 and 4, by decreasing order of Initiatives. Players sit clockwise around the table and will play in this order: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4.
Player 4 choses the arena. Player 1 turns the arena.
Each player starts with 3GG. Place 3 Wild GG alongside the arena. A player who KO’s another player’s last Krosmaster steals all this opponent’s GG.
The first player positions his figurines in the arena, on the Set-up Cells in the two rows of cells on his side of the board. His opponents do the same on their Starting Cells, on the other sides of the board, in Turn order.
A player who KO’s one of his own Krosmasters must give a number of GG equal to the Level of the Krosmaster to one of his opponents. A player who loses all his GG is not eliminated as long as it controls a Krosmaster in play.
If a double is Rolled when Rolling for Tension, the active player choses an opponent who loses 1GG. Then this opponent choses another player who also loses 1GG (the opponent may chose the active player).
2 vs. 2
When playing 2 vs. 2, the specific Free-for-All Rules also apply, with exceptions noted below.
The only Team that still has a GG when there are no more Wild GG win the game. If all the Krosmasters in a Team are KO’ed, the opposing Team wins the game.
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