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Parts of a Krosmaster Card

Name and Version
The name of a card is printed on its upper left corner, in capital letters.
The name of the Krosmaster is sometimes followed by the version of the Krosmaster, written in lowercase and preceded by a dash. Two Krosmasters with the same name but with a different version are considered as the same Krosmaster when it comes down to team composition.

Example: Percedal and Percedal - Percylax are two versions of the same Krosmaster. Since Percedal is a unique Krosmaster (his name is written in gold letters), you may either play Percedal, or Percedal - Percylax in your team, but not both.

A Krosmaster’s Type are printed directly below the character’s name. A character may have multiple Types.

Example: Bill Tell possess the “Cra” type.

If a character has multiple Types, he is considered as having each of these Types individually, and is impacted by Powers or Spells that refer to at least one of his Types.

Example: The Stasis Terminatot is considered as a Terminatot and as a Boss. The Goldenrod Terminatot’s Attack Krosmo-Lightninig will deal +4 FIRE Damage to him.

The illustration is printed on the upper right part of the card and has no effect on game play.
A Krosmaster has multiple characteristics printed on his card. These characteristics are his Level, his Initiative, his MP, his HP and his AP.
A Krosmaster’s Level is printed in the upper right corner of the card. It represents the overall power of the Krosmaster. When a Krosmaster is KO’d, the opposing player gains GG equal to the Level of the Krosmaster KO’d.
The Initiative of the Krosmaster is printed in the upper left corner of the card within a lightning symbol. This number represents how fast the Krosmaster is.
When you control multiple Krosmasters, you activate them one by one, always in the same order. The game order is defined by Initiative: your Krosmaster with the highest Initiative score will play first each turn, followed by your other Krosmasters ordered by decreasing Initiative scores.
If two or more of your Krosmasters have the same Initiative score, you determine the order in which these Krosmasters are placed relative to each other at the start of the game. This order must be maintained through the game.
The Initiative of a Team is equal to the sum of all the Krosmaster’s Initiative scores in the Team. The player whose Team has the highest Initiative will be the first to play.
The line formed by all the Krosmaster cards ordered by decreasing Initiative score is called the Timeline.
MP (for Movement Points) represent the mobility of the Krosmaster on the board and are used to move.
HP (for Health Points) represent a character’s endurance and their ability to withstand blows. Over the course of the game, a character will suffer injuries. These injuries will add up throughout the game: you record those using Injury markers that you place on the character card.
AP (for Action Points) show the number of actions a character can complete per turn. Just like MP, a character starts each turn with full AP.

Example: Percedal is a Level 3 Krosmaster. He has an Initiative score of 2, 3MP, 10HP and 6AP. He will play after Evangelyne in the Timeline since Evangelyne has an Initiative score of 8.

A character has one or several Spells.
All the characteristics of a Spell are indicated in the Spell bar: Range, Name, Cost (usually an amount of AP to spend) and Damage (or Injuries healed). Many Spells also have additional text written under the Name. This text may describe a specific Area of effect, additional Spell generic effects, or additional Spell specific effects.
This short flavor text allows you to learn a little bit more about a Krosmaster's life. It has no impact on the game. Flavor text is italicized to distinguish it from Powers and Spells.
Powers represent the Krosmaster’s special abilities. Powers are skills or talents that usually modify the rules.
Collection Information
Below the Powers box is printed the Collection Information. This information indicates to which collection the Krosmaster belongs.
Collection Information has no impact on the game.
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