Krosmaster Figurine of Ko-Fang The White

Ko-Fang The White English flag

1 Level 2 Initiative
3 MP 6 HP 5 AP

Quick Call to Hunt
Endowed with an extraordinary sense of smell, Ko-Fang has taken part in many hunts in his life. So much so there’s little room on his walls to hang all his trophies! But there is one prey which managed to escape his many hunts. Too fast to be grabbed, too exible to be cut, always out of sight… One day, just maybe, the village elders will tell him that he’s spent his life chasing after his tail.


Classic range from 2 to 3 Smithereens
 5 AP
+2{E} if targeted opponent has no {ij}
Front picture of Ko-Fang The White Krosmaster Back picture of Ko-Fang The White Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season