Krosmaster Figurine of Dragon Pig

Dragon Pig English flag

3 Level 5 Initiative
3 MP 11 HP 6 AP

The Wing or the Thigh?
Is it a bird? Is it a pig? No, it’s… a very strange creature! The mystery of its creation is as deep as the Dragon Pig is porcine: it’s a dark story, full of secrets and forbidden loves.


Line range from 1 to 2 Skewering
 3 AP
Invasion (caster in opponent's territory): -1{MP}
Close combat Snotty-Nosed Sneeze
 4 AP
"Breath" area of effect. -1{AP}
(Piggy-Business: each time Dragon Pig must perform a roll with at least 2 dice, he performs a roll with 3 dice instead.)
Front picture of Dragon Pig Krosmaster Back picture of Dragon Pig Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season