Krosmaster Figurine of Bwork Archer

Bwork Archer English flag

1 Level 4 Initiative
3 MP 5 HP 5 AP

He pulls back hard…
…and when he releases, he releases! It’s got to be said: he uses both hands at once. Don’t get in front of him at that precise moment, because the impact might leave you stuck to the wall. And we won’t lie: it may hurt, especially the first time. One second, are we still talking about archery?


Classic range from 2 to 5 Pump-Action Bow
 5 AP
Track (if aligned) : Pushes 1. Retreats 2 cells in relation to the targeted Krosmaster. 
Front picture of Bwork Archer Krosmaster Back picture of Bwork Archer Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season