Krosmaster Figurine of Royal Gobball

Royal Gobball English flag

3 Level 1 Initiative
3 MP 10 HP 7 AP


Close combat Royal Bite
 3 AP
Pierces Armour
Fixed line range from 2 to 3 Royal Charge
 4 AP
Moves 2 closer to the targeted character. 
Close combat Royal Summons: Gobball (2)
 4 AP
Puts a GOBBALL in play on the targeted free cell. 
LockArmourRoyal Gobballnator
(Royal Gobballnator: while Royal Gobball is in play, allied Gobballs have Lock and Armour.)
Front picture of Royal Gobball Krosmaster Back picture of Royal Gobball Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season