Krosmaster Figurine of Lou

Lou English flag

2 Level 2 Initiative
3 MP 6 HP 6 AP

Treasure hunter, detective, baker: she's done it all! As well as being an independent woman, Lou is a true adventurer! And Kerub Crepin isn't the only one to like her feisty ways... because Indie Thikovit is also desperate to woo the lovely Ouginak... The two of them would go to the end of earth just for kiss from her! But will either of the dogged rivals ever manage to tame her wild side?


Close combat Whipsmash
 5 AP
Pierces Armour. +1{MP}. +2{AP}
Sit... Stay
(Sit... Stay: any enemy character who started their turn adjacent to Lou is unable to target her with spells for this turn.)
Front picture of Lou Krosmaster Back picture of Lou Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season