Krosmaster Figurine of Percedal - Percylax

Percedal - Percylax English flag

5 Level 10 Initiative
3 MP 15 HP 7 AP

Two-in-one brute
Handle the rank and file, Percedal takes care of the bug fish!


Close combat Slap
 3 AP
Inflicts +1{E} extra on Bosses. 
Close combat Shushuting
 6 AP
Inflicts +6{E} extra against targets of Level 6 or higher
Fixed range from 1 to 2 Rubilous Jump
 1 AP
Moves Percedal to the targeted empty cell. 
Strength ({E})Big-Game Hunter
(Big-Game Hunter : if one of his allies is from the Brotherhood of the Tofu and in play, attack spells of Percedal inflicts +1{E} extra if target's Level is greater than the Level of any other opposing Krosmaster in play.)
Front picture of Percedal - Percylax Krosmaster Back picture of Percedal - Percylax Krosmaster