Krosmaster Figurine of King Nidas

King Nidas English flag

4 Level 7 Initiative
4 MP 12 HP 6 AP


Classic range from 2 to 4 Nest Egg
 4 AP
King Nidas gains 1{K}
Line range from 1 to 4 Rapiat
 2 AP
Collects 1{K} from the targeted free cell. 
Classic range from 1 to 2 Painful
 2 AP
-1{MP}. King Nidas loses 3{K}
Magot Sacrè
(Magot Sacrè: each time he inflicts one or more {ij} to an enemy Krosmaster, King Nidas: - gains 1{K} if he has less {K} in his stock than the targeted Krosmaster. - heals himself of 1{ij} if he has as much or more.)
Front picture of King Nidas Krosmaster Back picture of King Nidas Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season