Krosmaster Figurine of Moon

Moon English flag

5 Level 1 Initiative
4 MP 12 HP 7 AP

Weak Moon
That's funny, I thought he'd be bigger.


Close combat Moon Shiner
 6 AP
"Hammer" area of effect
Close combat Moon Walk
 2 AP
Retreats 1. Attracts 1
No line sight from 2 to 3 Launch Kokonut (2)
 3 AP
Puts a KOKONUT in play on the targeted free cell. 
LockMoon Hammer
(Moon Hammer: when Moon is K.O.'d, he is not removed from the game and heals all his {ij}. The player who K.O.'d him still receives {GG} as normal.)
Front picture of Moon Krosmaster Back picture of Moon Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season