Krosmaster Figurine of Buck Anear

Buck Anear English flag

4 Level 9 Initiative
3 MP 10 HP 7 AP

Skull Island Native
Ahoy, landlubber! Ye can't hornswaggle no Buck Arear!


Classic range from 1 to 3 Ship Mate
 3 AP
"Cross" area of effect
Personal Turt Hell
 1 AP
Until the end of your turn, allied characters gain the Power Immune to {EFWA}.  
Fixed no line sight from 1 to 3 Wave of Lies
 4 AP
Multiple Targets. -1{AP}. +1{MP}
{W} Resistance{E} ResistanceBrethren of the Coast
(Brethren of the Coast: each time this character suffers 2 or more {ij}, all the other allied Piwates are healed of 1{ij}.)
Front picture of Buck Anear Krosmaster Back picture of Buck Anear Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season