Krosmaster Figurine of Crocabulia

Crocabulia English flag

5 Level 8 Initiative
4 MP 15 HP 7 AP


Close combat Crocabulia's Breath
 4 AP
"Breath" area of effect
Close combat Lay Royal Immature Dreggon (2)
 3 AP
Moves 1 closer. Bring an IMMATURE DREGGON into play on the cell that CROCABULIA moved from. 
Close combat Crocrocabulia
 7 AP
Inflicts +1{F} per alied IMMATURE DREGGON in game. 
Intelligence ({F})Brooding
(Brooding: at the start of this character's turn, its summoned IMMATURE DREGGONS gain +2{AP}.)
Front picture of Crocabulia Krosmaster Back picture of Crocabulia Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season