Krosmaster Figurine of Poochan

Poochan English flag

1 Level 5 Initiative
3 MP 5 HP 5 AP

Make room for Poochan!
You might think that Poochan would have a loose and nimble tongue, but nothing could be further from the truth - this Pandawa is quite quiet. While roaming the taverns of Pandala, she quickly learned that folks don't hear well when they're drinking, and in any case, barflies don't need support or encouragement...


Close combat Bamboo Blows
 5 AP
Multiple Targets
Fixed line range from 1 to 3 Karcham
 5 AP
Moves an adjacent non-Boss ally to the targeted empty cell. They suffer +1{ij}
Front picture of Poochan Krosmaster Back picture of Poochan Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Not legal in Season (Ban)
  • Legal in Eternal