Krosmaster Figurine of Victor don Voom

Victor don Voom English flag

5 Level 9 Initiative
4 MP 14 HP 6 AP

Taking centre stage
This don-of-disguise Masqueraider formerly tried for a career in theatre. Unfortunately, his first four pieces were fantastic flops!


Line range from 1 to 2 Furia
 2 AP
Moves 1 closer to the targeted character. 
Classic range from 2 to 5 Apathy
 4 AP
Critical HitLockSpeedy Aura
(Speedy Aura: at the end of Victor don Voom's turn, any Krosmaster allies standing next to him gain +1{MP}.)
Front picture of Victor don Voom Krosmaster Back picture of Victor don Voom Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Not legal in Eternal
  • Not legal in Season