Krosmaster Figurine of Percimol

Percimol English flag

5 Level 2 Initiative
3 MP 17 HP 7 AP

Hammering it down
Percimol is hardcore Taur tamer.


Close combat Pudd Thud
 6 AP
"Hammer" area of effect
Line range from 1 to 3 Stopator
 6 AP
-1{MP}. -1{AP}
Personal Percilol
 3 MP  1 AP
Percimol immediately gains +6{AP}
{W} ResistancePuddlage
(Puddlage: Percimol has Critical Hit, Armour, Dodge and Lock points against characters who can cast {W} spells.)
Front picture of Percimol Krosmaster Back picture of Percimol Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Not legal in Eternal
  • Not legal in Season