Krosmaster Figurine of Djaul

Djaul English flag

1 Level 4 Initiative
3 MP 6 HP 5 AP

Protector of Bad Taste
Who said demons don't have a sense of humour? You think Djaul is there, but he's not really! You think you've found the exit to the Outer World, but you've gone back to the start! You think you just picked up a kama, but it was in fact the severed head of your beloved! Ha ha, what a joker, that Djaul!


Close combat Black Humour
 5 AP
Exchange Djaul's {ij} with those of the targeted opposing character. 
Descendre Pranks
(Descendre Pranks: at the beginning of the fight, Djaul becomes level 0 until the end of the fight. No {GG} will be lost when Djaul is defeated and he may not attach Demonic Rewards.)
Front picture of Djaul Krosmaster Back picture of Djaul Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Season (Boss)
  • Legal in Eternal