Krosmaster Figurine of The Nun

The Nun English flag

5 Level 8 Initiative
2 MP 14 HP 8 AP


Classic range from 3 to 3 Crypt Tonight
 3 AP
"Cross" area of effect
Fixed line range from 3 to 3 Fatebook (4)
 2 AP
Places one TOMBSTONE in the targeted free cell and moves The Nun or an adjacent ally to it. 
Personal Pressure Buttomb
 0 AP
Knocks out all TOMBSTONE summoned by The Nun, and she immediately gains +1{MP} and +1{AP} for each TOMBSTONE knocked out in this way. 
(Cryptophilia: at the end of The NUN's turn, allied Tombstones cast their Fright spell.)
Front picture of The Nun Krosmaster Back picture of The Nun Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season