Krosmaster Figurine of Kävin

Kävin Flag of Germany

1 Level 0 Initiative
3 MP 5 HP 5 AP

The Eliatrope hop hop
Kivin doesn't like jokes. Especially when he's the butt of the joke - he doesn't do too well with mockery and attacks. So it's not rare to hear him psyching himself up before a fight or a discussion: he lets out a "KIVIIIIIIIN!" so full of passion that those hanging around become afraid and try to get away as soon as possible. Whatever works.


No line sight from 1 to 4 Wakfu-Finte
 5 AP
Fixed no line sight from 1 to 3 Wakfu-Flucht
 0 AP
Bewegt Kävin auf das angezielte freie Feld. 
Front picture of Kävin Krosmaster Back picture of Kävin Krosmaster
Tournament Format:
  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season