Krosmaster Figuren Jason Nik

Jason Nik Englisch Flagge

2 Stufe 4 Initiative
3 BP 8 LP 6 AP

You're Too Slow!
Jason's hair is covered in a gel that makes it as hard as steel. Teh League does not consider this hairstyle to be banned weapon. Both friend and rival of Arno Kelse.


Nahkampfzauber Stumble
 3 AP
Zauber ohne Sichtlinie mit fester Reichweite von f: bis 2 Diving Tackle
 5 AP
Moves Jason Nik to the targeted free cell. Jason Nik suffers 1{ij} self-inflicted. 
(Adrenaline: each time Jason Nik receives at least 1{ij}, adjacent opponents receive -1{AP}.)
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  • Legal in Eternal
  • Legal in Season